World Vasectomy Day / NSVI

World Vasectomy Day – WVD

World Vasectomy Day is a worldwide movement about starting family planning conversations, helping men and their families become more informed about their choices, and creating alliances with governments, organizations, and individuals willing to help train providers, educate families, and deliver services to men who are stepping up for their loved ones.

Created in 2012 by film director/producer Johnatan Stack (Emmy award winner, and Oscar nominee) and renown vasectomy surgeon Dr. Doug Stein, World Vasectomy Day is a itinerating movement that travels the world sparking conversations about the power of man involvement in family planning and their responsibility within their families.



Colombia, my home country, has been selected as the headquarters for the worldwide celebration of World Vasectomy Day for 2019. Early 2018, we traveled with Johnatan Stack (film producer, co-founder fo World Vasectomy Day), to begin talks with Profamilia (Sexual and Reproductive Health organization) to get the cogwheels moving for the celebration in November 2019.

No scalpel vasectomy Iowa Esgar Guarin

– May 2018, with Johnatan Stack at Canal Capital, a Colombian TV station, discussing the topic of vasectomy

No scalpel vasectomy Iowa Esgar Guarin

– November 2018, with Colombian urologists and surgical team at Profamilia

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-from left to right: Dr. Esgar Guarín (Colombia/USA), Dr. Doug Stein (USA), Dr. Chic Wilson (USA), Dr. José Viladoms (Spain), Dr. Ramón Suarez (Phillipines/USA)

I have had the opportunity to be involved with World Vasectomy Day for the first time in 2017 when at its world celebration in Mexico City (CDMX) from November 13 through November 19.

We not only celebrated those me who made decisions strong decisions about their fertility and supported their couples and families, but also got the opportunity to perform over 350 vasectomies during the celebrations in different venues throughout Mexico City.


Vasectomy Iowa Esgar Guarin Naples

-Interview for Televisa News

I participated in the promotion of the activites of World Vasectomy Day going to television and radio stations, taking an active and vocal stance on the discussion about the importance of vasectomy for the empowerment of men, women and their families.

No scalpel vasectomy Iowa Esgar Guarin

The activities of World Vasectomy Day include educational opportunities for local physicians, sharing clinical experiences, and also the performance of surgeries side-by-side with our colleagues.

Vasectomy Iowa - Esgar Guarin

-Conference at the Hospital for Women in Mexico City, November 2017

Vasectomy Iowa Esgar Guarin

-Doing vasectomy surgeries with Mexican colleagues.

Dr. Guarín continues his involvement with activities that raise awareness of the importance and advantages of vasectomy. He will continue to be an active supporter of the efforts of World Vasectomy International.

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Non-scalpel Vasectomy International – NSVI


NSVI is an NGO dedicated to the promotion and provision of free vasectomy services worldwide, especially in developing countries where the infrastructure and environmental resources are challenged by rapid population growth.

With missions to the Phillipines, Haiti and Kenya, NSVI has empowered thousands of men to be agents of change within their families and communities by making permanet responsible decisions related to their fertility.

Vasectomy Iowa - Esgar Guarin-Dr. Esgar Guarín and Dr. Ramón Suárez (founder and former NSVI President)

Dr. Ramón Suárez is the founding president of NSVI, a retired urologist who still maintains the passion for the performance of vasectomies and helping others.

Vasectomy Iowa Naples Esgar Guarin

-from left to right: Dr. Guarín, Haitian patient after draiange of hydrocele, Dr. Ramón Suárez

Dr. Guarín became involved with NSVI since his early training in vasectomies with Dr. Doug Stein (NSVI Development Director), and sicne then he has particpated in medical missions to Haiti, where has has been able to complete multiple procedures for free in Cape Haitien.

The activities of NSVI provide so much benefit to the communities it has served, that its missions have increased over the years and look forward to expend even further overseas. Many vasectomists from the world over have participated in the missionary work started with so much passion by Dr. Suárez and supported so eagerly by Dr. Doug Stein.

Vasectomy Iowa Esgar Guarin

-Mission trip to Cape Haitien (Haiti) in 2017

NSVI was present also, along with World Vasectomy Day, at the National Meeting for Advances and Perspectives on Non-scalpel Vasectomy; Ixtapa (Mexico), June 2018.

No scalpel Vasectomy Iowa Esgar Guarin

– with members of the Secretary of Health of Mexico, on our way to Ixtapa.

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