Vasectomy cost if you don’t have insurance: $600

Please read ALL the information below

SimpleVas® Vasectomy Clinics

                                                 * Clinics are on WEEKENDS for convenience of most patients (Click HERE to see WHY)


CEDAR RAPIDS, IAFor this location, we’ll call you to set up the date (based on surgeon’s call schedule)

— Cedar Rapids Office is not staffed. Office opens only for the scheduled vasectomies (Main office in Newton, IA) —

NEWTON, IA – Saturdays will be filled first, then Thursdays. See dates available when registering

NAPLES, FL – For this location, we’ll call you to set up the date (based on surgeon’s call schedule)

* Remember to VERIFY with your insurance company if you are covered for this service

1. Call the insurance phone number in the back of your insurance card (it is YOUR responsibility, not ours). Consider that we will charge insurances their allowed scheduled fee. If you have a high deductible and have not met it yet, it might be more affordable to pay the price offered for those without insurance.

2. Let them know you want to have a vasectomy

3. Make sure to tell them this is an “office procedure” and NOT an “outpatient procedure”

​* Medicaid (only Newton office) requires consent not earlier than 1 month before the procedure

We may request a deposit fee after confirming your appointment date (not applicable to Medicaid patients), as we value your time and ours. No-shows / last minute cancellations limit the access to interested patients.

Registration process in just 4 STEPS:

* Problems with your registration?, send a message to (800) 741-3357

(add our number to your contacts as SimpleVas, so you know we are calling you)

** Change LANGUAGE as necessary in the right upper corner of this page

STEP 1. Review all information outlined in the website

STEP 2. Watch the Counseling video (available in English and Spanish) 

STEP 3. Complete the registration, and sign it electronically (CLICK button below)

STEP 4. Review and print the pre and postoperative recommendations (see below)

Vasectomy Iowa Esgar Guarin

Sample of surgical consent

Recommendations BEFORE the surgery

Recommendations AFTER the surgery

Over-the-counter PAIN MEDICATIONS

Instructions for post-vasectomy sample (PVSA)

Esgar Guarin MD Vasectomy Iowa Naples