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SimpleVas® Vasectomy

Welcome to SimpleVas® vasectomy. This a website where you can find the information you need to make your decision, and schedule your vasectomy procedure.

SimpleVas® vasectomy can be performed without using a needle or a scalpel and can be completed in less than 15 minutes in the office using local anesthesia.

Dr. Esgar Guarín provides vasectomies in his practice in Iowa (in Newton and Cedar Rapids) and in Florida (Naples).

He is the only vasectomy surgeon in the state of Iowa offering patients:

1. Affordable vasectomy ($600 if no insurance is used)

2. Having a vasectomy during a single visit

3. Return of post-vasectomy semen sample testing by mail

By providing the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy and decreasing barriers to having vasectomy, access is improved for the performance of a procedure that empowers men, women and families by controlling fertility in a permanent and successful way.


Talk directly with Dr. Guarín and see what the surgeon has to say. Let him set up the appointment himself and avoid having to talk to anyone else.

Call privately (800) 741-3357

*** If Dr. Guarín does not answer, leave him a message with a name and number to call; he will certainly be happy to talk to you directly!!

Vasectomy Cost if you don’t have insurance: $600

(It may be more affordable than having to pay your deductible. Cost with insurance depends on the allowed fee by each individual company/plan, please verify with your carrier)


Esgar Guarin MD Vasectomy Iowa Naples

More information

No scalpel vasectomy Esgar Guarin MD Iowa NaplesEsgar Guarín, MD

Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians

Dr. Guarín (pronounced goo-ah-reen) is a board certified physician trained in Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health. Originally trained in Colombia at the Universidad de Santander – UDES, graduating at the top of his class. After getting certfied as a foreign physician through the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates – ECFMG, he completed his training in Family Medicine in Baltimore, MD in 2009, at the Franklin Square Hospital Medical Center.

After serving as Chief Resident. Dr. Guarín completed a 2-year fellowship training in Maternal and Child Health (Pregnancy and Newborn Care) with the Department of Family Medicine at Brown University and the School of Public Health, in Rhode Island.

Always interested in the provision of reproductive services, particularly those of minimally invasive nature, Dr. Guarín had the privilege of training in the non-scalpel / no-needle vasectomy technique with renown Dr. Doug Stein in 2012. Since then Dr. Guarín has been performing his SimpleVas® Vasectomy technique with similar outcomes to those of his mentor.

Recently, Dr. Guarín was awarded the prestigious Family Physician of the Year Award from the American Academy of Family Physicians in Iowa in 2017. He has been also nominated to the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Physician of the year National award for 2018.

Dr. Guarín is currently dedicated to the practice of Maternal, Child and Reproductive Care. As a Board certified Family Medicine specialist, Dr. Guarin has a special interest in the promotion of vasectomies as the most effective method of permanent sterilization.

Here is Dr. Guarín’s LinkedIn profile

For more information on Dr. Guarín’s medical practice practice, go to www.doctorguarin.com

SimpleVas® Locations (Newton, Cedar Rapids, Naples)
(Dr. Guarín’s main location is Newton, IA)

SimpleVas® Vasectomy in Newton, IA at Newton Clinic


300 N 4th Ave E, Suite 200
Newton, IA 50208

For information at this location, please call (800) 741-3357

SimpleVas® Vasectomy in Naples, FL at Orchidia MedSpa

Poinciana Professional Park

2590 Golden Gate Pkwy, Suite 104
Naples, FL 34105

​For information at this location, please call (800) 741-3357

SimpleVas® Satellite Clinic – Cedar Rapids:
SimpleVas® Vasectomy in Cedar Rapids, IA


(Dr. Guarín’s main location is Newton, IA)

Professional Offices West 222 Edgewood Rd NW, Suite 203-I
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

For information at this location, please call (800) 741-3357

Esgar Guarin MD Vasectomy Iowa Naples